Unique EAST

Unique EAST

About us

Unique EAST is a company created from the union of professionals and experts from different fields such events, communication, design and sports. This combination is what has enabled Unique EAST to offer a wide range of possibilities in the field of events.

Where do we work?

The company has operates out of four cities in Spain, Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid and Marbella, and one in Morocco, Tánger; cities known for their internationality, their appeal, their climate and their infrastructure.

How do we work?

Unique EAST is sustained on three pillars : exclusivity, elegance and delicacy in every details.

Because your event is unique we take care of even smallest details, and always strive to offer the best services with the top suppliers

The company was created on the concept of uniqueness, because it makes every event and occasion a unique, exclusive and unforgettable experience.